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Chapter 77 Leonard’s Suppression

  • As they drank more and more wine, everyone grew increasingly happy as they chatted. However, as they continued the conversation, the topic slowly turned to Leonard, whether intentionally or otherwise.
  • Christopher didn’t want to be involved in this boring discussion, so he lowered his head and ate his food.
  • He wanted to be a handsome, quiet man, but Leonard refused to let him be. Seeing that the atmosphere had almost completely shifted, he suddenly slung his arm across Christopher’s shoulders and said, “I’m sure all of you still remember this guy! It’s Christopher, the most popular guy in university back then! When we were in school, he was quite a somebody!”
  • Indeed, when Christopher was in university, he was extremely well-known among the entire school. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for him to pursue Tina, who regarded herself a little too highly and was quite materialistic.
  • One had to be suppressed before being able to flourish, and similarly, one had to flourish first to be suppressed. And the more one flourished, the harder they would fall. Christopher didn’t think it was a good thing for Leonard to be praising him so much.
  • Sure enough, after Leonard said that, he continued, “Alas, it’s a pity! Christopher, who was unrivalled back then, has now been reduced to being unable to even pay for a taxi. Even when he attended our reunion, he came here by bus! And I’m sure none of you know what Christopher’s current profession is. He’s a chef. Did you all know that? He’s a university graduate, and yet he’s actually doing this kind of occupation. I mean…” After he was done speaking, there was even resentment on his face, as if to show that he expected better of Christopher.
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