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Chapter 75 What Exactly Is This Scoundrel’s Background?

  • “Harvey, did you make a mistake with the price? It’s 12,000 a month, not 1,200! Do you think a stinky loser can afford such a high price?”
  • As soon as she saw Christopher’s appearance, Isabella knew that he was a poor boy with no money. She had seen too many penniless people like him, who didn’t even have a single piece of decent clothing. How could such a loser be able to pay the rent of 12,000 a month? She figured that amount was his net income for a year!
  • I meet a lot of idiots every year, but this year, there seem to be more than usual.
  • How dare you act pretentious on my turf! Watch out or I might end up slapping you!
  • “Ms. Langford!” Embarrassment was no longer enough to describe the current expression on Harvey’s face. What’s going on? He didn’t know how to deal with the situation, so he could only flash Isabella a smile. “In fact, I’ve told Mr. Yard the price, and he agreed without the slightest hesitation. He was even ready to sign the contract. Ms. Langford, do you think it’s—” Harvey asked. After all, Isabella was the homeowner, so she still had the say in whether to rent it or not.
  • “Sign the contract? What contract? I won’t rent it! I won’t rent it!” Isabella waved her hand impatiently.
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