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Chapter 68 The Goddess’ Treat

  • “Autodidact?” Luke was slightly perplexed as he clearly hadn’t heard of that school before.
  • “Yes!” Christopher nodded. “Because I was self-taught.”
  • Luke raised his eyebrows upon hearing his answer. “You’re joking, Mr. Yard.”
  • The background information on Christopher he asked Earl to look into already made its way to his office desk yesterday morning. Even though the information showed that Christopher did not have much backing or a mentor in culinary, Luke did not believe that a person could master Dual Wielding on his own and get to Christopher’s level.
  • Luke saw this apparent ‘autodidact’ as an excuse Christopher used because he was reluctant to reveal the identity of his master.
  • Even though Christopher was not willing to tell him, Luke did not intend to pry any further either.
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