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Chapter 61 Hayden’s True Colors Are Exposed

  • “Chef Woods, what do you mean by what you said just now? You lost to Mr. Yard a month ago? That seems a bit different from what you said some time ago! Can you give me an explanation of what’s actually going on?”
  • “That’s right, Chef Woods. Since you’ve now admitted that you lost to Mr. Yard in the past, is it equivalent to an indirect admittance that you were lying? You must’ve been banished from The Serenade purely because of your character.”
  • “That’s right. Chef Woods, can you express your opinion on this matter?”
  • Hayden’s brain was already addled, but now that all these questions were being thrown at him, he didn’t know what to do, so he could only stay there in a daze.
  • Christopher smiled. He didn’t expect that Hayden would blurt out the truth like this, but this was fine as well, as it saved him a lot of trouble.
  • There was no need to compare their culinary skills anymore. With Hayden’s current state, whether or not he could hold a spoon was already a question, let alone cook.
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