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Chapter 59 I’ll Be Back Soon

  • When Scarlett gritted her teeth, Luna was unusually bitter as well. A century-old Unique Cookware?
  • Luna didn’t expect that Hayden would have a century-old Unique Cookware. Indeed, this was no longer a cooking competition. It could be said that Hayden had completely set up a trap in order to win the competition. Obviously, Hayden had planned everything ages ago. He was just waiting for Christopher to jump into his trap. She figured this was the reason why Hayden so readily agreed to have a rematch.
  • “Chef Woods…” Besides Scarlett and Luna, the reporters who were excited about the competition and wanted to get a scoop also found that it was quite wrong for Hayden to use a century-old Unique Cookware during the competition. Someone asked, “Isn’t that a bit inappropriate?”
  • “Inappropriate?” Hayden laughed. “What’s inappropriate about it? This competition only specified that the taste of the dish determines the winner. Were the contents and technique restricted? Since there’s no such thing, then there shouldn’t be a problem with using Unique Cookware to cook, right? Besides, if possible, Christopher can also cook with a century-old Unique Cookware! I don’t think it’s a problem.”
  • Christopher could also cook with century-old Unique Cookware?
  • Hayden’s statement sounded clever and light, but in fact, he was just using sophistry. A century-old Unique Cookware wasn’t an ordinary object that could be found anywhere on the streets. He only dared to make such unbridled remarks because he knew with absolute certainty that Christopher wouldn’t have a century-old Unique Cookware. Many chefs failed to find a century-old Unique Cookware even though they’d searched all their lives, so Hayden was obviously being a bully.
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