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Chapter 58 Hayden’s Century-old Unique Cookware

  • On the stage, Christopher’s gaze didn’t land on Hayden at all, because he was still thinking about countermeasures!
  • It would be a while until the Lucky Draw System would be relaunched, and he couldn’t afford anything in the mall. Currently, Christopher felt like he had been forced into a corner.
  • “Does this mean I can only rely on my capabilities to compete with Hayden?”
  • This competition was about the reputation of The Serenade, so Christopher couldn’t lose, and neither could he afford to. Once he lost, he would just be confirming the lie made up by Hayden. When the time came, the right and wrong of the matter would be completely reversed, and they wouldn’t be able to clarify themselves no matter what!
  • Christopher wanted to win, but judging from the way things were, he didn’t have any chance of winning.
  • “What should I do?” The gears in Christopher’s brain were working fast.
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