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Chapter 56 Only a Fool Wouldn’t Exchange!

  • Since there were twelve storage packs, it meant that twelve Unique Cookware could be created. Thinking about this, Christopher’s heart raced involuntarily.
  • Judging from the peculiar taste in the dishes that were made with these cookware, he figured these Unique Cookware should be about ten years old.
  • A day in the Parallel Universe Kitchen Appliance and Storage Pack was equivalent to ten years. If the cookware were placed in there for ten days, it would probably mean his pots and pans would be century-old Unique Cookware!
  • Damn! Twelve century-old Unique Cookware!
  • A cook had to be utterly capable to possess twelve century-old Unique Cookware at the same time! Even Lawrence couldn’t do that.
  • Christopher couldn’t bear it anymore. After tidying up the kitchen, he cleaned up the twelve cookware before he placed them back into the Parallel Universe Kitchen Appliance and Storage Pack again.
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