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Chapter 38 Do You Think That I Wouldn’t Dare?

  • It was late but this was not the reason why Christopher wanted to leave. Truth was, he was afraid that he would fail to suppress his urges and he would end up taking Samantha then and there. Hence, he really had to calm himself down.
  • “Let me see you off!” Upon seeing that he was about to leave, Samantha immediately went after him.
  • Outside of the hospital, Christopher now understood the phrase ‘as pretty as a picture’. He had to endure the torment when he could only see but not touch the beauty before him, and it was indeed an inhumane torture.
  • He wished that he could slap himself for pretending to be a gallant gentleman when Samantha had obviously fallen for him. Am I an idiot?
  • “Chris, what’s wrong?” she asked when she noticed the unusual expression on his face.
  • “Nothing.” He raised his head. “I was just thinking about something else. It’s cold outside, so you should return to the ward.”
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