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Chapter 33 Maryse’s Condition

  • “What are you doing?” For some reason, Sean grew nervous when he saw Christopher walking toward him. He then stammered, “I’m warning you—I’m a doctor here so don’t even think about making a scene.”
  • Truth was, Sean had developed a fear toward Christopher, and he remembered with painstaking detail how the truth had tumbled out of his mouth the other day when it became physically impossible for him to lie.
  • “Don’t be nervous,” Christopher said steadily. Then, he beckoned the prick over with a wave of his hand. “Come here.”
  • Sean stayed in place and refused to step forward.
  • “Come over here now!” Christopher ordered in a colder voice, and when he saw that Sean was stubbornly glued to the floor, he proceeded to march toward him.
  • Although Sean knew that he was older and more experienced than Christopher—and therefore he should not be intimidated by the latter—he couldn’t but feel the superiority drain out of him at the sight of the younger man.
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