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Chapter 29 Because You’re Pretty!

  • He lay quietly on his bed and started to recall everything that happened in the past twenty-four hours.
  • When he received the Wish Seasoning in the beginning, he even thought that it was merely an item that seemed useless, but it was a waste to ditch it. He never expected it to come in handy in such a short time. Not only did it make him win Mr. Moses’s heart, he also had the chance to watch a movie with Luna.
  • Also, it was quite strange, so to speak. Be it Dual Wielding, Truth Juice, or Wish Seasoning, whatever he drew would always end up becoming useful, no matter if its effects were immediate, after a few hours, or even after an entire night.
  • All of it appeared to be like a manipulated program. Once the program began to run, it would operate according to the designed procedures until the end. Besides, there was another strange thing—Christopher thought he would receive a thumbs-up after Mr. Moses had a taste of the dish in his memory. However, much to Christopher’s own surprise, the notification beep was nowhere to be heard. He had also checked the Thumbs-Up System earlier and he found that the total of thumbs-up points he received still remained at 1,000.
  • He initially thought that he had already figured out the system’s mechanism, but now it seemed that he was wrong.
  • It looks like the so-called Thumbs-Up System still has a lot for me to explore! Christopher thought as he glanced at the old Android phone in his hands before he fell asleep in a daze.
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