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Chapter 243 Soldier’s Spirit

  • As soon as the person took off his helmet, his white hair instantly captured the eyes of everyone—including Christopher, who was watching him all along.
  • “White Hair, this is the man I told you about. Please get your friend to help—he destroyed my men’s hands.” As soon as Big-Ear saw the man with white hair, his eyes were taken over by a touch of ecstasy as he spoke.
  • “Hmm.”
  • It was a rather faint response. At that moment, the white-haired guy didn’t even bother to take a look at Christopher, but instead turned to look at the very strong black man next to him. “Black Bull, can you help me deal with him?”
  • The man named Black Bull nodded immediately. After all, he came here for this. Although he didn’t like fighting in public, since the person next to him told him to, he naturally had to do it.
  • Immediately, Black Bull gave a cold snort and looked at the person Big-Ears pointed at. When he was about to walk toward Christopher, the white-haired guy beside him saw Christopher’s face.
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