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Chapter 238 I’ll Hand It Over! I Will!

  • Liliana’s eyes were extremely hollow. She stared blankly ahead, not knowing what to say as her body trembled involuntarily. Regret was crashing into her heart like a turbulent wave. But, at this moment, she knew that there was no going back.
  • Even Tim wouldn’t have a single solution when faced with such ironclad evidence of tax evasion. As long as one person reported her, she would face the strict handling by the judicial authorities.
  • The same was true for Callum. At present, he was extremely remorseful. Initially, he thought that Christopher would certainly be dealt with by the Kelley Family after provoking them. To his surprise, not only did the Kelley Family not kill him, but Brentwood City’s prestigious family, the Myers, came forward and stopped the Kelleys, to the point that they dared not speak up.
  • Callum fully understood it now. From the beginning, Christopher never once held him with any regard. He just wanted to see how far Callum could go before he ruthlessly made him pay. Nevertheless, Christopher didn’t go all out. If he did, Callum would be dead on the streets by now. Even if he wanted to resist, he wouldn’t have the slightest power to. It was only then that Callum realized how weak he was.
  • When everyone heard what Christopher, Liliana, and Callum were saying, they realized they were wrong to blame Christopher. They were aware that the two people kneeling in front of them were the ones they should be scolding.
  • “Lady, he saved your father, yet you don’t know how to be grateful, and you even made a false countercharge!”
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