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Chapter 234 This Isn’t Somewhere You Can Make a Scene

  • The system must have built a connection between Christopher and 10-second Instant Pot just now. One day ago, he was connected to Mind Space Storage and there was a clear difference between those two feelings. He could easily tell them apart, as it wasn’t hard to use them with his consciousness.
  • After that, he used his awareness to operate the Ultra Duplicator. This time, he couldn’t see where the golden lights shot out from as they had now engulfed the 10-second Instant Pot.
  • The moment he saw the golden lights, he immediately controlled the pot with his consciousness. A few seconds later, the pot broke into three parts—one of them was the original one while the other two were the copies.
  • He needed exactly two copies. One of them would be placed in The Serenade and the other would be in the Thumbs-Up Restaurant. After Brandon had taken over his company, Christopher would produce more of such pots.
  • Anyway, he could destroy the copies at any moment. Without him, the copies would cease to function. Even if their business rivals stole the pots from them, the items would be useless to them.
  • As for the original 10-second Instant Pot, he’d keep it in the Interdimensional Cookware Storage Bag. Apart from him, no one would know where the real thing was.
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