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Chapter 214 I’ll Only Say This Once!

  • I can’t f*cking believe this!
  • Taking a deep breath, Christopher looked helplessly at the Rottweiler. “Sir, I didn’t hit it; it lay down on its own. If you don’t believe me, you can bring it to the hospital for an examination. You’ll know the results then.”
  • The owner of the Porsche 911 snorted coldly, looking extremely impatient. He glanced at Christopher with slight contempt, then said stonily, “Enough with the nonsense. Do you think I’m blind? Max is usually energetic and lively, and he even jumped out of my car just now. If he hadn’t been hit by your car, how could he have fainted? Stop wasting time. You drive a f*cking Ferrari, so can’t you afford to pay 30,000?”
  • Upon hearing this, Christopher’s expression gradually hardened. If he had hit the dog, then it would be fine for him to pay 30,000 in compensation. However, the problem was that the dog f*cking lay down on his own.
  • I didn’t hit the man’s dog, yet I’m supposed to compensate him? I would never do such a thing!
  • After he said that, the owner of the Porsche 911 suddenly became furious. He stood up abruptly, but before he could speak, someone ran up to them and said to the man, “Excuse me, Vice President Queen, did something happen to your dog? I’m a news reporter from Pleasure Entertainment Magazine. I happened to see you parked here today, so I stopped by to get some material for the news.”
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