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Chapter 212 Don’t Be Embarrassed; Do It on My Behalf!

  • Standing to one side, Liliana was stunned when she saw the series of sudden changes. She had no idea why Ronald was treating Liam like this. It was completely out of her expectation.
  • “J-Just you wait. I’ll definitely make you pay,” Liliana warned while pointing at Christopher, looking alarmed.
  • When Christopher heard Liliana refusing to admit defeat, his patience reached its limit. Looking at Liam, he seemed to have thought of something, so he said lightly, “Liam, if you slap her a few times now, I might consider asking Director Reed not to fire you.”
  • A touch of ecstasy appeared on Liam’s face when he heard this. This job was his life, and the young man in front of him seemed to have great connections with the director. I’ll willingly do it!
  • Thinking of this, Liam stood up from the ground in excitement. Then, under Liliana’s astonished gaze, Liam slapped her across the face, and a crisp slapping sound rang out.
  • Slap!
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