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Chapter 21 What’s Going On?

  • Even if he disregarded how his men caught fire, he could not explain how his own clothes kept spontaneously combusting. Furthermore, there was something suspicious about the man he was fighting.
  • At this thought, Freddy raised his head to look at Christopher. When his clothes caught fire earlier, everyone was shocked except for Christopher, who remained incongruously calm, as if he knew it would happen. Moreover, when Freddy plunged his knife into Christopher’s thigh, not only did Christopher not dodge it, he didn’t even look pained. Just how stalwart is this young man?
  • Clearly, Freddy had bitten off more than he could chew—Christopher wasn’t someone he could afford to offend.
  • “Let’s go!” After a moment of thought, he told his men, “This jerk is too troublesome. Retreat!”
  • However, his instruction, in turn, made the men confused. Troublesome? How is Christopher troublesome? His men didn’t think so. The fire was extinguished now, anyway, so why should we retreat?
  • “Boss…” One of the ruffians spoke up but Freddy backhanded him and interrupted, saying, “Who’s the boss—me or you? I said let’s go! Did you hear me?”
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