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Chapter 209 Why Don’t You Just Tell Me Earlier?

  • Serene had naturally seen many forged hospital certificates from arresting criminals. In order to verify the authenticity of these certificates, she even went to the hospital to look for a real doctor to compare it with a real hospital certificate.
  • It was exactly because of this that she was now able to tell most of the fake hospital certificates, especially the ones like Hansel’s. It only took her one glance to grasp on the situation.
  • At the same time, Serene ordered to catch the person next to Hansel who pretended to be poisoned. She handcuffed him mercilessly before shoving him right into the police car.
  • Before leaving, Hansel panicked and pointed to Patrick. “W-Wait! He’s also part of this! He is in the same foul play with me. I called him here today!”
  • In response to this, Patrick only sneered disdainfully, “Wow, Hansel, this man is outrageous. It’s already terrible enough that he is committing fraud, but he still wanted to drag me down with him just because I stood up and gave him a piece of my mind. Enough! Officer, take him away at once!”
  • Obviously, no one would want to believe Hansel at this point. Serene wasn’t having any nonsense—she immediately arrested Hansel.
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