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Chapter 199 I’m Just an Outsider

  • Upon seeing Christopher’s nod, Andy immediately had a delighted look on his face. When he was about to ask someone to take Christopher to the dining hall, Luke suddenly jumped out and looked at Christopher beside him with a sullen look on his face.
  • “President Dune, the dish Christopher made was definitely not Rainbow Scepter. Although I don’t know how he did it, I’m certain he pulled some tricks. I saw him doing practically nothing with my own eyes.”
  • Everyone initially thought that everything was a done deal. But after hearing what Luke said, they had bizarre looks on their faces. That’s right. Christopher clearly didn’t do anything earlier. Something is wrong here. Luke’s right.
  • “Yeah, President Dune. Luke’s right; Christopher clearly didn’t do anything and was even on his phone.”
  • “Right! He wasn’t focused on cooking at all. Not only was he on his phone, he even took a nap!”
  • “Exactly. All he did was toss a bunch of ingredients in the pot. He doesn’t have the kind of attitude a chef should have!”
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