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Chapter 196 I’ll Help Reignite His Desire for Food

  • Luke saw that there wasn’t much pleasure on Kevin’s face, causing his brows to furrow slightly. This had never happened to anyone who ate his food.
  • Picking up the Rainbow Scepter, Kevin placed it in his mouth and started to slowly chew with his eyes closed. It was as if he was trying to feel a certain good sensation from it, but about ten seconds later, he opened his eyes.
  • “Nope!”
  • Kevin shook his head and quickly set down his cutleries with a look of sorrow on his face.
  • Besides Christopher, Andy, and a few others, many people were almost instantly stupefied when they heard Kevin’s verdict. Even Luke’s cooking couldn’t garner Old Mr. Dune’s praise? Damn! Even Luke, the five-star head chef of Caesars Palace, can’t satisfy Old Mr. Dune. Could it be that Divine Knife Skills are required to make him satisfied?
  • All of the chefs were speechless. At this moment, nothing they said could properly express the anxiousness in their hearts. This incident was truly beyond their expectations.
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