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Chapter 192 There Are Some Things I Simply Can’t Tolerate!

  • Everyone around them was constantly praising Luke, and Ethan was commending him non-stop as well. There was a trace of enjoyment on Luke’s face. That’s right. This is the feeling I want. To be surrounded and praised by the public truly feels good.
  • “Christopher, see that? Caesars Palace is just one of the businesses I own. Now, I’m planning to cooperate with Dune Enterprise on a project. Although you’re close to President Dune, I’m not afraid!”
  • Luke sneered. How ridiculous. The Kelley Family was a rather renowned family too. Although they couldn’t compare to the Dune Family, they had invested a huge sum of money and were preparing to collaborate on a project with Dune Enterprise.
  • If this project was successfully negotiated, both parties might gain a profit of more than 50 million. If the market response was good, it was highly possible to gain 100 million.
  • Would Dune Enterprise give up on earning such a high profit? Luke smiled. As long as one was a businessman, they would undoubtedly want to do it. He figured that Andy wouldn’t be able to resist this temptation either.
  • As long as the Kelley Family managed to successfully negotiate a cooperative project with the Dune Family, then the Kelley Family’s status might rise to the same level as the Dunes’. Perhaps they might even surpass the Dune Family. This was highly possible.
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