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Chapter 19 Don’t Worry, I’m Right Here

  • The girl was none other than Samantha, whom Christopher had saved from Sean just yesterday. He didn’t expect that she would run into trouble again after just getting rid of that swindling b*stard.
  • In fact, this girl had left a strong impression on Christopher.
  • At that moment, the punks had started yanking on her clothes. With a swoop, Christopher rose from his seat and walked toward the men.
  • With tear-filled eyes, Samantha shrank back in fear as she stood in the middle of several burly men like a lost child. She wanted to escape, but no matter where she turned, the punks would push her back.
  • She had gotten off work early today, so she thought that maybe she could earn some money to pay her mother’s hospital fees by singing. In fact, she studied music in college but after she graduated, she worked in a cafe to support her living. Despite that, she never gave up on her dream.
  • Her previous customers were fine, but she never expected her fourth job to turn out like this.
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