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Chapter 189 Who’s the One Who Did It?

  • Andy, who didn’t know what Christopher was trying to say, gave Christopher a curious look before nodding his head. “Please go on, Chris.” Andy’s voice was stable and calm; it was almost as if he hadn’t just witnessed his own son slapping himself in the face. Everyone in the crowd sighed to themselves. This is what makes him a president! Not every person can be as composed as Andy.
  • “The Platinum VIP card that you gave me was kicked and stomped on by someone else.”
  • The Platinum VIP card?! The crowd murmured in excitement once they heard the name of the card. It was said that the whole Dune Enterprise only owned two of those cards. Andy used one of the cards for himself, but he hadn’t given the other card to anyone else before that. Did he give it to this young man? Oh my God, this young man looks so normal, and he’s even carrying some large bag that makes it look like he’s one of those poor villagers. Who exactly is he? The crowd stared at Christopher puzzledly.
  • “Who’s the one who did such a thing?” Andy, who had seemed relatively calm earlier, darkened his expression and sharpened his cold glare after hearing Christopher’s words. His voice was filled with frustration as he spoke. This was no ordinary matter; it was a matter of Andy’s reputation and pride. If Andy was the one who had wronged another person, he could have offered an apology or some compensation to the other person, as he did with Christopher. However, if someone else were to mess with Andy when he hadn’t done anything to that person, that was a whole different matter that Andy refused to tolerate. It was even more unacceptable since someone had kicked and stepped on the Platinum VIP card—not just any regular card—that he had gifted to Christopher. The person even stomped on the card a few times, which meant that this person didn’t consider Andy’s reputation at all. How would Andy continue to mingle around in Brentwood City if he were to look past such an event?
  • Christopher didn’t respond to Andy’s question. Instead, he turned and glared at Cyrus, who was shivering in his seat by the side. Cyrus decided to speak up as he could tell how furious his father was. “I-It was Crystal. Mr. Yard used your Platinum VIP card to purchase some items yesterday, but I stopped him from doing it. Crystal then smacked the card out of Christopher’s hands before she stomped on it and kicked it aside.”
  • “You useless brat!!” Upon hearing what his son had to say, Andy twisted his expression into one of fury as he stormed directly toward his son while everyone stared at him dumbfoundedly. Smack! Smack! Smack! Andy gave Cyrus a few more slaps that rang clear and loud in the hall. Both Cyrus’s left and right cheeks had red marks, some of them overlapping the marks he gave himself earlier. Parts of his skin cracked and began to bleed.
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