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Chapter 188 It’s Three Slaps Now!

  • The crowd felt a shiver running down their spines when they heard the person’s voice. They instinctively turned their heads around in the direction of the voice. All they saw was a stern-looking, middle-aged man who was dressed in a full Armani suit and Veilisr leather shoes. Another man stood behind the first man—this man didn’t seem to dress up as extravagantly as the first man, but the clothes he wore didn’t seem to be cheap either.
  • All of the guests quickly recognized these two men—they were the president of Dune Enterprise, Andy, and his trusty housekeeper, Arthur. Andy was the one who had the largest say in the Dune Enterprise, and Arthur was his right-hand man.
  • Christopher turned to see Andy at the same time. The cold look on Andy’s face made it seem like he was about to turn his surroundings into ice, and his aura as the president of the Dune Enterprise was evident from the way he glared at Cyrus and the bodyguards. All of the bodyguards turned pale and weak after they heard what Andy said. Ultimately, they were just doing their jobs; they had no choice but to leave Dune Enterprise if their boss was dissatisfied with their work. These guards groaned on the inside when they realized how Cyrus had put them in such a disadvantageous position. They knew that Andy wouldn’t punish Cyrus too severely, and that they were the ones who would get it harder.
  • “Christopher is one of the guests that I invited today, Cyrus. Have I not taught you how to treat your guests in the past? Why don’t you explain yourself?” Andy uttered flatly as he glanced in Cyrus’s direction—he didn’t even bother to lay his eyes on Crystal.
  • After listening to what Andy had to say, Cyrus looked nothing but dumbfounded. How could my father lecture me in front of everyone? Did he just threaten to chop off all of the bodyguards’ arms because of this Christopher guy here? I’ve never heard my father say such things—he’s only acting this way now that Christopher is here. Cyrus seemed to understand something at that moment, and he took a deep breath before he spoke. “I’m sorry for offending you earlier, Mr. Yard.” Cyrus clenched his fists and hesitated for a moment, but he ended up apologizing to Christopher.
  • Christopher shifted his gaze to Cyrus before giving the other man a sneer. Does he think that he’ll be able to douse my flames of anger just by saying that? He certainly underestimated me, then.
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