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Chapter 184 Maurice’s Sudden Attack

  • Brandon wasn’t a weak individual; he would have certainly been a man of status in Brentwood City if his lover hadn’t stolen his company away from him. What mattered more to Christopher, however, was the fact that Brandon came from the food and beverage industry. This trait was the reason Brandon felt like God’s gift to Christopher, and Christopher knew better than to let this gift slip out of his hands.
  • In the future, Christopher wanted more than to own a restaurant or a diner. He wanted to own a whole restaurant franchise, and he wanted his restaurants to have an impact on the entire Brentwood, or perhaps even the whole of Madrila. The old Christopher might not have been able to do it, but everything had turned into a possibility after the existence of the Thumbs-Up System.
  • A bewildered look flashed across Brandon’s gaze when he first heard what Christopher said. Brandon took a long, careful look at the young man, and he let out a bitter chuckle when he realized that he couldn’t seem to gauge what the young man was thinking about. “Don’t kid me. I was blinded by that woman’s beauty in the past, and I’ve cut ties with most of my closest friends and family during that time. I have nothing at all now, and you probably wouldn’t have enough money for me to go against that woman, right? I don’t think you’d be able to produce so much money even if you were from a rich family.”
  • Christopher gave the older man a faint smile. “You’re right. I don’t have that much money. However, I have a way to help you regain power. The difference is, of course, that you’re now working for me.”
  • Brandon’s expression grew serious when he noticed how calm and composed Christopher seemed. “Are you serious?” Brandon asked in a cautious tone. He still couldn’t tell what was going on in Christopher’s mind. Christopher nodded and waited patiently for Brandon’s response.
  • “Okay! Deal! I swear, as long as you can help me to defeat that woman, I’ll be your follower for the rest of my life. I’ll help you manage your companies, and I’ll never betray you.” Brandon gritted his teeth and put on a determined look as he gave Christopher a solid answer.
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