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Chapter 181 I Do It! I’ll Do It!

  • Bryan shuddered when he saw the hostile look in John’s eyes. “Please don’t believe what he says, Mr. Myers. He’s clearly lying to you. Why would I talk bad about you?” Bryan was groaning deep down within him. Ugh. I can’t believe John didn’t lose his temper right after he heard what I said. This is completely different from how he would usually act.
  • Then, John suddenly gave Bryan a fierce slap on his cheek while he continued to glare at Bryan angrily. Smack! The sharp noise of John’s palm that came in contact with Bryan’s cheek filled the space around them. A clear, red mark of John’s five fingers formed on Bryan’s cheek immediately after that. Some parts of the red mark even showed hints of blood on it. “How dare you insult the dean?! You’re asking for it! This slap is nothing in comparison to what you’ve just done! Do you think you can do whatever you wish to just because you’re the Head of the Neurology Department? Do you know why Cameron lost his job? It’s because his partner criticized the dean’s girlfriend’s father! You’re a mere department head! I don’t know where you found the bravery to act all cocky and arrogant here. It’s fine if you’ve gotten only yourself into trouble, but I can’t believe you even tried to f*cking involve me in your bullsh*t. I’m going to f*cking beat you up!”
  • Cold sweat trickled down John’s back as he let out a loud sigh before lifting his palm and sending it in Bryan’s direction once more. John’s slaps only grew harsher than before. Does Bryan have any idea how critical of a situation I was in earlier? I was so close… so close to scolding Christopher! It’d be hard for things to be mended if I said something bad about Christopher. I’d lose my position as the general manager; I’d lose my car and my lover. My boss would shout and scream at me. Just imagining that scene makes me feel like wetting my pants.
  • All of the patients were stunned to hear that Christopher was the dean of the hospital. They had never heard of a dean who looked like he was in his twenties. It was so surprising to a point that they thought it should be reported on the news! More importantly, it seemed like the general manager was terrified of the dean. The general manager beat Bryan up the moment he heard Bryan talking bad about the dean, and he didn’t seem to hold back at all. The general manager was still cursing and shouting at Bryan even after the initial slap… Could the dean have gotten his job because of his connections? That was the thought that crossed the minds of many of the patients as they watched the situation unfold before their eyes.
  • Bryan was just as shocked as the rest of the patients. This man who’s dressed in cheap clothes; this b*stard who looks like he’s in his twenties… Is he the new dean? Bryan could hear a loud ringing in his head, along with the mixture of countless voices that surrounded him. He allowed his muscles to go limp as he felt the color draining out of his face. He no longer knew what to say at that point! I’m dead this time! The new dean saw everything that I had just done. I didn’t just mock him; I even insulted him. He has so many reasons to fire me now!
  • Christopher finally nodded after John continued to beat Bryan up for a while more. Bryan was a selfish, greedy doctor who cared about money more than he cared about his patients, so Christopher thought that it was reasonable for Bryan to be beaten up to a point where the latter wouldn’t be able to function on his own. “By the way, Mr. Myers, there’s another pest in the hospital that you may wish to deal with. Bryan asked to contact the Director of Internal Medicine earlier, so I’m guessing that Bryan might have wanted to ask that person for help. Perhaps…” Christopher smirked as he leaned in to whisper into John’s ear. He also told John about the incident with the young girl earlier.
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