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Chapter 179 Here’s Your F*cking 100,000!

  • The patients who had been queuing up around them froze when they saw the grim expression on Christopher’s face. They were all shocked to hear Christopher’s icy tone of voice. How could a young man like him be so rude to the Head of the Neurology Department? Everyone in Crest Hospital knew how domineering and cocky Bryan could be. Bryan could afford to act that way because of his impressive qualifications and position within the hospital, and he never got into trouble because he seemed to have some connections with the hospital’s upper management. Other doctors had attempted to voice their concerns to upper management in the past, but no action had been taken even after this was done. After that, most of the staff in the Department of Neurology were afraid to get on Bryan’s bad side, so they simply obeyed all of Bryan’s orders.
  • Bryan was, therefore, stunned to hear what Christopher had said to him. He curled his lips into a smirk once he recovered from the initial shock. “Hah! How dare you threaten me! What a joke. Is there anyone in this hospital who doesn’t know my name? I don’t want any of you doctors to treat this young girl. We will not provide any treatment until this man forks out the money and apologizes to me!”
  • Christopher fixed his stern glare on the person who had just publicly asked him for 100,000 in this hospital. He couldn’t contain the anger he felt within his chest, so he clenched his fist before sending a fierce punch toward Bryan’s face. “Here’s your f*cking 100,000!” he shouted.
  • The strong impact of the punch sent Bryan off his stool and onto the ground. A red welt formed on his forehead immediately after he crashed into the door beside him. “Ah!” Bryan let out a loud cry. His face twisted into a hideous expression as he raised his uninjured left hand. “T-This young girl will not be treated if you don’t get on your knees and apologize to me right now,” he uttered in a trembling voice.
  • Despite Bryan’s threat, Christopher wore the same, cold expression in his eyes as he lifted his leg to kick Bryan’s left arm. It was a heavy kick—Bryan’s arm slammed against the wall before he let out another cry of agony. Christopher didn’t seem to feel sorry for the man whose both hands were injured. Instead, he proceeded to press one of his feet down against Bryan’s chest. “Well, go on.” Christopher scoffed at him.
  • Bryan was just as furious as the other man. How dare someone within my department act in such an arrogant manner?! This guy even hit me! He doesn’t know where he f*cking stands! Does he know who I am?! I’m the Head of the Neurology Department, and I have full control over all of the neurologists in Crest Hospital. All of my doctors are obedient, and none of them would ever violate my orders! I have never expected a situation like this to occur. Although Bryan had just been beaten up, he continued to wear the same menacing expression on his face as he spoke in a crazed tone. “Just you wait! How dare you step on me?! I’d like to see the look on your face when I tell you whether your young girl can survive. I’m going to make sure that you get to your knees and beg me to help you! You’re going to cry and beg me in a moment!” Bryan’s voice turned raspy from all the yelling, but the smug look remained unchanged on his face.
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