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Chapter 177 You Won’t Have to Come In for Work Starting Tomorrow!

  • Soon, the sirens of police cars could be heard. A man led a team of police to where Christopher and Wyatt were. When Ronald Gill noticed Wyatt’s sorry state, he frowned. He sure had it good. Judging from his injuries, it seems like more than one person did that to him. Didn’t he specifically mention that there was one guy who tried to attack him?
  • At that thought, Ronald glanced at Christopher, who stood beside them. As soon as he laid eyes on Christopher, his expression changed drastically. According to Serene, Christopher’s presence had always been a bad omen. Judging from the situation, Ronald believed that something had indeed gone wrong.
  • If Christopher had known what Serene thought of him, he would probably put on a bitter smile. After all, he was never the one to pick a fight, but people were always trying to cross him.
  • “Vice Captain Gill, that’s the man! He’s the one who ordered his men to beat me! I’m innocent! Look at what they did to my limbs! Vice Captain, you have to deliver justice!” Wyatt blurted out everything that he had fabricated in his mind as soon as he saw Ronald, his eyes bright while a look of delight crossed his face.
  • The other drivers around them who knew the truth couldn’t help but mentally exclaim about Wyatt’s shamelessness. Meanwhile, Ronald was checking both Christopher and Wyatt out with a conflicted look. How should I deal with this?
  • “Vice Captain Gill, this guy, Wyatt Guggenheim? He got beaten up by the thug he called. I didn’t call any thugs. The people around us had heard him. You can ask for their witness.” Christopher explained the situation casually while looking at Ronald with his arms folded.
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