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Chapter 176 For F*ck’s Sake!

  • Christopher was focused on treating the girl by piercing the needles into her body deftly. Throughout the process, she kept on grunting. After he was finished with the treatment, he heaved a sigh of relief.
  • By that point, the girl’s eyes were less dull, while her cheeks had regained a rosy complexion. Christopher didn’t have any medicine available, so sending the girl to the hospital for treatment would be the best option.
  • Ding! “Congratulations to the Host for defeating a villain and helping the weak. For saving the girl’s life, the system offers you an award of 2000 Thumbs-Up points.” Once again, the mechanical voice rang in Christopher’s mind.
  • At the same time, the man seemed to have recovered from the pain of having his arm broken. While glaring at Christopher with much hatred, he spat, “How dare you defy me? How dare you f*cking defy me? I am Wyatt Guggenheim, the general manager of Minuet PLC, which is a part of Dune Enterprise! Everybody who sees me has to greet me politely! Yet, you had the audacity to f*cking hit me! I have connections with the police! I know the vice captain of the police branch in Southwest District! How dare you step out of line, you twat! I can even get the local thugs to teach you a lesson!”
  • On the other hand, Christopher was planning to call it a day and send the girl to Crest Hospital to prevent anything else from happening to her. However, his face got increasingly glum when he heard what Wyatt said. I will keep you company if you want to keep up with this!
  • “Sir, please send the girl to Crest Hospital. Tell the staff that Christopher Yard requested for her treatment,” Christopher instructed the driver after giving him some money.
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