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Chapter 168 That’s Interesting

  • After a long while, the nurse returned with six men who were also in nurse uniforms. However, they tore off their uniforms as soon as they arrived in front of Christopher and the rest, revealing their toned muscles and abs.
  • The only clothing left on them were shorts and singlets that revealed their sturdy bodies. Aside from that, they were also wearing menacing looks on their faces. Their eyes were filled with longings for a fight as they snickered at Christopher and the rest.
  • Standing beside the nurse was a male doctor in white robe, whose hair was styled into a flattop. He was also wearing an expensive pair of leather shoes. However, the doctor was standing behind the nurse in deference while wearing a smirk as he stared at Christopher.
  • “I’m telling you; you’re unlucky enough to cross me. Although I’m just a nurse, even this wimp behind me won’t dare cross me. Am I right, wimp?” The nurse glanced at the doctor behind her while speaking to him in a condescending manner.
  • Upon hearing that, he smiled flatteringly despite the fact that he abhorred her. He dared not let his feelings of dismay show. Due to his lowly attitude, he seemed like a dog that the nurse kept.
  • Both Christopher and Harold were startled upon witnessing the odd scene before them in the hospital. According to what the nurse said, she most probably had ties to the general manager, but none of them was certain what kind of relationship they shared.
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