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Chapter 165 Let’s See if You Dare to Spew Nonsense Again

  • When Albert, Leonard and Tina heard Madilyn’s words, they were bewildered. Is Christopher the boss of the Thumbs-Up Hotel? Did he buy the Ferrari with his own money instead of leeching off a sugar mommy? How is that possible?
  • Albert was still suspicious and smirked at Madilyn. “Pretty girl, I know that you’re a kind soul, but you really don’t have to save the dignity of this idiot over here. He’s just a piece of trash!”
  • Leonard and Tina hurriedly nodded in agreement and wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads, praying fervently that Christopher better not be the boss of Thumbs-Up Hotel. Otherwise, they’d be horribly embarrassed.
  • When Madilyn heard Albert’s dismissal, her dark brows furrowed in anger. If he had verbally attacked her, she might have felt sad, but she would not have dwelled on his comment. However, when she heard Christopher being insulted, she felt even more exasperated.
  • “Sir, please do not spread lies. Do you think I won’t know who the boss is? If you don’t trust me, why don’t you ask around? Do I look like the type to lie?”
  • Her expression turned icy. To those who knew her well, her expression at the moment would have been a shock to them since she was usually a demure young lady.
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