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Chapter 153 It’s Actually Her?

  • By the time Jacob was already half-dead and trembling—pleading and losing control of his bladder—Christopher finally walked toward Dylan.
  • “Your little brother is still alive. Even though he destroyed my restaurant and my Ferrari, I won’t be too harsh on you guys. As long as you guys pay me 8 million, I’ll let this slide!” Christopher dusted his hands off before saying nonchalantly.
  • Talley and Shorty, who were standing at a side, felt their faces twitching. A Ferrari 458 Italia cost 4.88 million, and the furniture would only cost 10,000 at most. Asking for 8 million was definitely a scam!
  • Unable to watch any longer, Talley chimed in anxiously, “Your Ferrari costs 5 million at most, so how can you say it’s 8 million?!”
  • Jacob, who couldn’t speak coherently, also started babbling as he nodded and gave Dylan an expectant look, hoping that his own brother would say something.
  • Upon hearing that, Dylan had his facial expression changed as well. He didn’t expect the young man in front of him to be a short fuse as well as demanding, so he immediately said, “Christopher, you’ve already beaten Jacob up to this point. You—”
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