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Chapter 152 I’ve Heard That You’re a Cocky One, Huh?

  • Staring at the men who appeared in front of him all of a sudden, Christopher made his move. He dodged to the side to avoid the bat aimed at him before landing a roundhouse on the man. With a bat in hand, Christopher’s attack got stronger. Along with his burning rage, he applied a strong amount of force with every hit, breaking these men’s limbs without even blinking an eye.
  • Most of the men that were standing at a side had a fearful look on their faces. They were afraid to move toward Christopher, especially those who got hit by him because all of them suffered heavy injuries from getting near him.
  • On the other hand, Jacob, who was observing Christopher’s moves, frowned. Looks like none of my men are able to be his equal match. After pondering for a while, he grabbed Madilyn, who was next to him, and left the room before walking toward Christopher and threatened, “I f*cking dare you to move again! If you make another move, I’ll strip off your girlfriend’s clothes!” Jacob roared at Christopher as his voice rang out through the entire venue.
  • “Don’t care about me. Just leave!” Madilyn’s face flushed when she heard Jacob addressing herself as Christopher’s girlfriend before she shouted.
  • Inhaling deeply, Christopher watched as a bald man appeared behind the tear-stained Madilyn. With both hands, the bald man grabbed and ripped her clothes, and what was worse was that he even seemed a bit excited while doing so.
  • Right then, Christopher loosened his strong grip on the bat and thought to himself, Shouldn’t Noah’s men be here by now? If the Department of Public Security is slower than me, how efficient can they be?
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