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Chapter 150 Jacob’s Revenge

  • Christopher looked taken aback before he said in a determined tone, “Madam, you’re getting myocardial infarction due to your hypertension. Although the medical treatments currently might not be able to completely heal you, I still think that it’s possible for you to heal completely.”
  • This was one of the ways found in Herophilus’ lost wisdom, as it was obvious that he’d run into illnesses such as hypertension even though that probably wasn’t the name of the illness back then. Herophilus did a lot of research before figuring out a way to cure this illness.
  • After Christopher said so, a delighted look appeared on the old woman’s face before she broke into a smile. “I can’t believe my sickness started acting up after I decided to take a stroll. Fortunately, I ran into you, young man. Thank you so much.”
  • Nonetheless, Christopher looked helpless as he eyed the old woman in front of him. After making sure that she was fine, he answered, “It’s better if you don’t walk around on your own in the morning. Since your illness is more prone to acting up in the morning, it would be better if you ask someone to send you to me tomorrow morning.”
  • Immediately, the old woman nodded and asked him for his name. After taking down Christopher’s phone number, she left slowly. Coincidentally, Christopher ran into a respectful-looking person who arrived to pick the old woman up.
  • However, the old woman got into the car and left before he could guess who she really was.
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