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Chapter 134 I’ll Pay for It All

  • Kenny’s look turned gloomy, and he clenched his fists all of a sudden; even all his assets added up would not reach 300,000. Not only did his elder brother oppress the villagers in the normal days, but he was even being so cruel to them now.
  • Seeing Kenny’s face that had turned as pale as a sheet, Christopher interrupted Raymond and snapped, “Raymond Yard, you’d better get out of here right now. Otherwise, I’ll make you kneel in front of my father.”
  • In fact, Raymond was a little terrified too seeing Christopher’s furious look. Thus, he retreated while threatening Christopher by saying, “What are you trying to do? Are you thinking of beating me up? I’m telling you, Christopher, if you don’t agree to cough up 300,000 today, I’ll definitely not let you off and I’ll call the police over tomorrow.” Within the next ten seconds, he had taken to his heels.
  • When Raymond was gone, Christopher patted Kenny’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Dad. I have some connections in the police station and they won’t dare to harm me. Just let him do as he pleases. I actually can’t wait for the police to come.”
  • After saying that, Christopher took out his phone to see Raymond’s message that contained what he had said just now. ‘Kenny, since we’re brothers, I’ll let this matter rest if you are willing to hand in 300,000. Otherwise…’
  • Meanwhile, Kenny and Stacy remained doubtful of what Christopher had said. “Are you really not afraid of him, Chris? We heard that Raymond is pretty close to the chief police of Harmony Village.”
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