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Chapter 125 I Don’t Really Want to Pay for the Meal

  • Christopher nodded before he recited the happenings of that day as he exaggerated some points to make himself look a little more virtuous and heroic. Of course, he completely left out the part that involved the police station.
  • Meanwhile, Luna’s eyes sparkled in admiration as she listened to him while a smile occasionally graced her beautiful lips, and her ample bosom rose up and down. In addition to the peachy and juicy temptation of her lips, Christopher almost suffered from a nosebleed at the sight of them.
  • Since it was the weekend, Christopher was planning to go back to his family home. However, he would probably stay with his family for much longer than the weekend’s worth. After all, his mother hadn’t seen him in a long time, so she might not want him to leave so soon.
  • “You’re saying that you want to visit your family tomorrow?” Luna jolted momentarily. Then, she placed her snowy white hands on the table and asked Christopher in slight shock.
  • He nodded and chatted idly with Luna for a while. After getting permission for his leave, Christopher left the office and went to help out in the kitchen.
  • Upon seeing him inside there, Scarlett didn’t point a knife at him this time. On the other hand, Christopher was a little shy at the sight of her. He thought to himself, This brat has been acting awfully strange these days… With that, he got to work in the kitchen.
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