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Chapter 115 It’s Really Expensive

  • After walking out, Christopher thoroughly looked around and noticed that the people who lined up in front of the entrance were now leaving in shock. It seemed like they were afraid of the group of people approaching with knives in their hands as they didn’t dare to utter a word.
  • When Christopher noticed that group of people, he realized that they were here to cause some trouble. The person in front had colorful hair and a silver necklace hanging around his neck. At that moment, there was a cigar in his mouth and as he breathed, he continuously brandished the bat in his hand while coldly glaring at the people around him.
  • Behind the said person were a bunch of people with rods in their hands and a hint of arrogance swimming in their eyes. They kept on banging the floor with their bats while looking at the frightened people around them with a smirk.
  • Luna and Scarlett quickly followed Christopher when he emerged. The moment they saw the thugs outside, they wanted to call the police, but he reached out and stopped them.
  • “Don’t call the police first. I need to let them know who they should be afraid of!” With a smile on his face, he shrugged his shoulders and walked toward the man with the colorful hair with nothing in his hands. This guy must be their boss.
  • “I don’t think that’s safe. I think we should let the police handle this.” The two girls were stunned as they quickly grabbed hold of Christoper and urged him not to go.
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