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Chapter 113 Lawrence’s Test

  • When Christopher arrived at Lawrence’s place, he could see that Lawrence’s house wasn’t extremely luxurious, but it didn’t look shabby at the same time. After that, he parked his car in the basement.
  • Scarlett jumped around like a rabbit and held Lawrence’s hand, but Christopher didn’t know what they were chatting about as he followed them from behind. After they grabbed their stuff, they quickly entered the house.
  • Christopher couldn’t seem to penetrate into their conversation, but soon after, the conversation topics finally came to him.
  • “Chris, I heard that you know the Legend Level of Dual Wielding, which was comparable to Scarlett’s ‘Thousand Birds Song’. Is that true?” Lawrence asked in surprise as he looked at him with interest.
  • Lawrence was indeed curious about Christopher’s talent. Scarlett has always been a talented cook ever since she was a kid. Not only could she learn everything in an instance, she has also been through my strict teachings in the kitchen, which is why she is able to advance at such a rapid rate.
  • However, he noticed that Christopher’s hands were different from most chefs. Chefs usually have calluses on their hands because they need to hold kitchen utensils all year round to cook. Of course, Scarlett is a girl, so she doesn’t have many calluses on her hands because she maintains them really well. When I look at Chris’ hands, I can’t see any calluses, though. This... is a little weird.
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