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Chapter 14 : Making a Fool of Oneself

  • The birthday banquet held by the Shen family's matriarch was bustling with activity, attracting a crowd of people.
  • Lin Wancheng had no emotional connection with the Shen family, nor did she want to associate with these so-called prestigious families. After offering her congratulations to her supposed grandmother, she found a secluded spot where no one would disturb her.
  • As soon as she reached the second floor, a three or four-year-old toddler stumbled out and hugged her leg.
  • "Mommy! Mommy!" The toddler called out in a childish voice.
  • "Oh! Little brother! You can eat anything, but you can't call someone 'mommy' so casually."
  • "Mommy!"
  • The toddler's watery eyes and adorable voice melted Lin Wancheng's heart, but she was certain that she didn't have a son this big...
  • "Yunyun, this is your aunt." Feng Minshan, the wife of the eldest son of the Shen family, came out from the other side of the corridor. "Sister-in-law, I'm sorry. My son can be mischievous and likes young and pretty girls. He keeps calling them mommy."
  • "It's okay, I really like him too." Lin Wancheng patted the little one's head.
  • Considering the affinity between the two, she naturally took over the task of taking care of the child from Feng Minshan.
  • Lin Wancheng only realized today how mentally and physically exhausting it was to take care of a child.
  • Yunyun would go to the rooftop for a while, then to the backyard, and then sneak into other small buildings, leaving her physically and mentally drained.
  • After playing for over two hours, the little one finally fell asleep from exhaustion.
  • As she faintly heard the guests in the front yard starting to leave, Lin Wancheng handed the child back to Feng Minshan and planned to bid farewell to the Shen family.
  • As soon as she entered the main hall, before she could say anything, the Shen family's matriarch looked at her with a stern gaze.
  • "I thought the daughter of the Lin family was also a well-educated lady, but it turns out your upbringing is so poor."
  • The disappointment from an elder's authority was more hurtful than sharp insults, and it made Lin Wancheng feel uncomfortable. Her face turned red as she asked, "Grandmother, what did I do wrong?"
  • "And you have the audacity to ask!" Song Xinlan was furious. Her daughter-in-law's disgrace was her own disgrace. "My son came all the way back, hoping that you could celebrate my birthday together, but where did you go? We couldn't find you no matter where we looked! You've really made a fool of yourself!"
  • As the heir to the Shen family, if he didn't accept this family's arranged marriage, his wife would never come home to meet them.
  • Song Xinlan had arranged several opportunities for her son and daughter-in-law to meet, but they were all missed due to Lin Wancheng's negligence. Could she not be angry?
  • The Shen family was still waiting for them to continue the family line. How long would they have to wait at this rate?
  • However, deep down, Lin Wancheng couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. So, it was about this matter. It was better not to show up, so as to avoid the embarrassment.
  • "I'm really sorry. It's all my fault. I didn't know he would come at this time."
  • Song Xinlan let out a sigh of relief. "In any case, you must meet today! Figure it out yourself!"
  • What could Lin Wancheng do in this situation? They had never met before, and she didn't even know his full name. Where could she find him?
  • Facing the accusations from the Shen family, she suddenly became the target of everyone's criticism.
  • At this moment, Feng Minshan, who had heard the commotion on the second floor, came downstairs with Yunyun.
  • "Aunt, don't be angry. It's not Sister-in-law's fault," Feng Minshan turned to the Shen family's matriarch. "Grandmother, I asked Sister-in-law to take care of Yunyun. Yunyun likes her and insists on playing with her. Yunyun, go and tell Great-Grandmother if you had fun playing with Aunt."
  • Yunyun walked over to the Shen family's matriarch with his short legs. "I had fun! I had so much fun!"
  • In front of her beloved great-grandson, the Shen family's matriarch's heart instantly melted, and even her anger dissipated.
  • With Feng Minshan defusing the situation, the Shen family's matriarch was no longer angry, and Song Xinlan couldn't pursue the matter further.
  • Lin Wancheng looked at her supposed sister-in-law with a grateful gaze.
  • When the Shen family was busy with the aftermath, Lin Wancheng quietly took her leave.