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Tangled Hearts

Tangled Hearts


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Prologue
  • "Everything Will Get Better"
  • That's what my therapists, social workers, police officers, and doctors have been telling me all my life.
  • I'm still waiting for it to happen.
  • I lived seventeen years with my alcoholic father and taking care of my schizophrenic mother. Anything that happened to me was better than that, right?
  • And for a moment, when I was sixteen, I thought that finally something good was happening to me. I thought Shawn was the salvation to my shitty life. My ticket to escape. That he was the only good thing I would ever have.
  • We were going to live together forever, in a big house with lots of kids. That's what I thought when he asked me out for the first time. Imagine, the first date and I was already envisioning the wedding dress.
  • What a big mistake.
  • Shawn ruined my life, well, he made it worse than it already was. I couldn't rebuild anything there. All the walls that kept me strong crumbled after that. I couldn't pick up the pieces anymore. Not anymore.
  • Because of my shitty life, I'm here now.
  • Hoping that "Everything will get better."
  • My mother was admitted to a psychiatric facility for her illness. My father... I don't know. I left home without saying goodbye to him, and I don't think he appreciates my absence either.
  • I'm staying with my aunt and uncle in Welling, United Kingdom. They offered to take care of me for a long time, but I didn't plan on leaving my mother at that time. She needed me.
  • Now without her, I had no excuse to stay in that place, I just had to leave.
  • I thought I could be a normal teenager. High school, family, and the ability to breathe properly every time I walked the streets without being recognized as "the fucking liar" that I was to the ignorant ones.
  • However, I still feared being pursued and someone finding out about my past, but I preferred to live in fear than in hell itself.
  • My aunt is loving, I have a damn big wardrobe, a popular cousin. A huge and shiny house. And people who don't know me. This was supposed to be a fresh start.
  • Everything was going perfectly fine. It was unreal.
  • But of course, someone kicked my ass and made me react.
  • I'm sure everything would have turned out great if Donovan hadn't crossed my path... Well, technically, if I hadn't crossed his.
  • The guy with a dark aura and eyes that burned inside me awakened me.
  • There was a spark from the first time our eyes met. At first, I thought it was the anger engulfing my body every time he uttered a single word to me, then I realized it was something much more significant and dangerous than that.
  • That should have been a warning for me. I couldn't afford to fall in love, right? Not after my last and only relationship. But there was always something that brought us together.
  • Him and me? Who would have thought? We are so different yet so alike. A combination that should never happen, but to my bad luck, it did. It came out terrible and perfect at the same time.
  • They say you can have two types of love. One that destroys you and one that completes you, so I want to know... Can you have both in the same person?
  • Donovan is what destroys me and completes me. He's what makes me cry and smile. He's what I need; but I shouldn't want.
  • Donovan is the person you should never put your faith, hope, or love in. In my case, I shouldn't have placed my heart in his hands. I still remember his words, "Don't trust me." If only temptation hadn't blinded my judgment.
  • "His secrets and mysteries began to call me, I wanted to find out everything about him.
  • And I did.
  • Here we are.
  • Regretting or thanking God.
  • I still don't know what to do."