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Chapter 45 Chapter 45

  • Sherry placed down her fork and stared at the tablet. With this conversation, she could not focus on eating the food even if she was hungry.
  • “So, you mean there is something suspicious about them?” She asked.
  • If it was before, she would not have thought of something as absurd as this, but now, the situation had changed. 
  • She had the reason to think like this.
  • “Isn’t it weird how they only appeared after the court announced your parent's death?” Levian asked. “It's as if they were waiting for an opportunity like this.”
  • She was silent. Many people did warn her about this, but with how she was treated by her uncle and aunt, she simply did not care about this anymore. But, that carelessness and the blind trust were what cost her life in her previous life. 
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