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Chapter 23

  • “Hey..” A young nurse who was carrying files and walking to the records room elbowed her friend who was busy munching on her chips.
  • “W-what? Don’t disturb me..I am eating right now.” The other girl shrugged off her shoulder and focused on her chips. Since they had been  busy all day long, she was starving.
  • Right now, nothing else was important than the food that was going inside her mouth.
  • “Dummy, you are going it regret if you do not look right now.” The young nurse poked her in her stomach and snatched the bag of potato chips from her hand.
  • “Hey, give it ba…..” Her voice trailed off before she could even finish her sentence. Seeing the speechless face of her friend, the first nurse gave a smirk.
  • “See I told you.” She squealed like a high school girl and clasped the files on her chest in excitement while her friend was in the continued state of awe.
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