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Chapter 22

  • “If I am not prying, may I ask why you are going to the hospital?” Chris who was feeling suffocated due to the silence inside the car, finally spoke trying to liven the atmosphere inside the car.
  • ‘You are definitely already prying when you said this!’ Roy commented inside his heart. He would have loved to shout it to the man but he refrained from doing so since his boss had asked him to be polite and kind to this fucking piece of shit.
  • “I am going to meet my  wife,” Levian answered in a professional manner but he did not forget to emphasize the wifey part.
  • No one had expected him to answer, however, Levian was more than happy to keep him company and to Roy’s surprise, he answered the question happily.
  • “What really?” Roy was the one to get shocked at this news. Weren’t they going to meet the doctor called as Sherry Lona to do some business deals?
  • ‘Follow the script stupid.’ Levian gestured with his eyes.
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