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Chapter 13

  • “Boss, where do you want me to go?” Wearing his seatbelt, Roy turned back to look at Levian Smith who was entering the back seat.
  • “Go to the company directly.” Levian took off his coat and threw it beside. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top most buttons on his shirt revealing his wheat colored tanned skin and sexy collar bones.
  • “Yes boss.” Roy started the car and left the parking hall. With in a few second they were driving on the main road.
  • Levian picked up the tablet and turned it on. He usually did not like to spend time in social media but today he had the urge to open it.
  • He clicked on the red icon for apps in the home page and scrolled down the newsfeed in the postagram.
  • The top most post caught his attention. He brought out the air pod and put it in his ear.
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