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Chapter 15 Chapter 15

  • “Listen to me..Sherry!! Don’t act like a high school teenage girl.” Chris’s last thread that was holding back his sanity snapped when faced with the cold and apathetic face of Sherry. It was as if she had given up on him completely.
  • “Chris…I am tired. I want to rest.” Sherry pulled her hand back from his grasp. She had loved this man who was bright, responsible and honest for her whole life so when he acted this way, it just made her feel more miserable.
  • He was slowly destroying the image she had of him in her mind. Sherry hoped they could break up in good terms so that Bella could be happy with him. They even had a kid who was growing healthily in Bella’s stomach.
  • As a doctor, Sherry herself was the one who had taken care of all her test and health care check up. So, in other way, she was like a nanny who took care of the baby before it was born.
  • Just for the sake of the child in Bella’s womb, Sherry wanted to let go of Chris. By humiliating him in public and making his image fall down, she was going to let him off the hook.
  • “Don’t make it harder on me than it already is.” Sherry thought about all of their encounters in a brief second and felt it really was the time for her to say good bye to all of it.
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