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Chapter 8 The male model's offer

  • "Can I have a moment with you please" The male model said to the platinum beauty at the back and she hastily stood up running to the exit to avoid his classmates seeing her exposed nipples "Of course" she said once she reached the model and head out at one, the model smiled and followed her.
  • Sophie made her way to the restroom and entered, she faced the wall mirror and breathed out a sigh, she tried to shift the cloth to cover her breast but her fingers mistakenly touched her horny nipples and the sensation went down to her pussy making her to moan, she touched it again and the pleasure double as he squirting increased.
  • She started touching herself and close her eyes enjoying the pleasure and forget the male he told to come, the male opened the door and entered, but the view he saw increased his raging hard on as he can't help but to watch, the slightly six foot girl was touching and pleasuring herself whilst moaning and her eyes closed, he watched for something but feeling captivated, he decided to help the girl and himself but before that he placed something on the wall, he approached her and removed her hands while taking over, he unbuttoned the girls shirt and took the full breasts in his hand making her to squirm and moan, he when on opening it and completely discarded the clothes leaving her upper body naked, he turned her around and hugged her whilst his hands traced to her lower part, he pulled down her skirt and and bikini leaving her now naked, he squeezed her plump ass and slapped it making her to gasp and more squirts to gather in her cunt.
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