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Chapter 6 Pretty model nakedness

  • "I can't help it" Kane replied as he stretched more and cupped both the breasts and started fumbling it, the pleasure ran straight to her cunt making her wet more, he took the breasts into his mouth licking and sucking one after ther other whilst humming, his eyes hooded with want.
  • "B...But you came for Aiden" Sophie moaned trying to reason with Kane but the guy was long done carried away by the beautiful view in his presence which he has not seen for long, he never would have agreed that the school pretty model nakedness would be so alluring, he had seen Sophie many at times but thought that she is already occupied judging by her beauty and stature, even now he still think she is but he can't seem to suppress the arousal he felt and the sensations that traveled his whole body the moment he made contact with naked Sophie, he had swore to enjoy himself with the beautiful thing and face the consequences later.
  • He trailed his tongue from Sophie's ears to her neck down to her shoulder, licking and sucking her white skin and craving for more "Fuck Sophie, you are so sweet..." he moaned and pushed Sophie on the sofa and knelt down pulling her two legs up and scouted closer to lick and suck her hole.
  • "Mmmmmggghhh..." Sophie moaned and licked her lips as she basked in the pleasure, she grabbed Kane's hair and pressed it down more to her cunt and Kane enjoyed the craving, he got more aroused as the school model craved his tongue, his body, his cock jerked and he dived his tongue in more and sucked expertly "Fuck, that's so good, nnngghh." Sophie moaned again squirming, her cunt releasing more squirts and ro Kane's pleasure and happiness he sucked all in and used his tongue to tease and rub on Sophie's cunt.
  • "He raised his head and drew Sophie into a kiss, he savored her lips, kissing and biting whilst Sophie moaned as she test herself in Kane's mouth, she pulled Kane in more and wrapped her arms on his back and she gave in the heated kiss, they pulled out eyes hooded and filled with want, Kane swallowed and pulled Sophie to lay down on the sofa, he sat down and started rubbing and pinching her clit whilst kissing her, he use his other hand to fumble her breast and tease her nipple.
  • "Oh god, fuck..." Sophie moaned spreading her legs wider to get more of the pleasure and to give Kane more access "I love body Sophie, you are so sweet, fuck...I am about to cum only by working you" Kane said and stick his middle finger inside her cunt as he retracted his face fumbling and swirling the finger inside her hole making her to gasp, her mouth agape as she looked at Kane and enjoying his works with lustful eyes, want and craving, he added another finger and fucked her "You are licking it don't you?" he asked with his baritone voice looking at Sophie pretty face, she swallowed and nodded "Y...Yes" she moaned out, Kane added his third callous finger and Sophie close her eyes shut to savore the pleasures and sensations that are passing through her body.
  • He pulled his fingers out and in a rush he undressed and graced Sophie with his glorious body, his big dick already hard and throbbing as he approached her, Sophie's gaze trailed Kane's body from his face to his broad and masculine shoulders down to his cock and she awed, she trailed to his muscular legs and the cravings in her increased, the guy is really a piece of art, she stood up from the sofa and knelt in front of Kane, the guy was still trying to wrap everything up when Sophie started servicing his cock and he hitched in breath at the warn and tight mouth "Oh god..." he moaned and looked down at the beauty kneeling for him.
  • His cock jerked many times in Sophie's mouth when she started her pleasuring, with her expert sucking, she drove Kane to the world he never knew existed during sex intercourse, after she learned how to blow and suck a guy from the video, she added her own style and made Kane frozen at the unexplainable bliss that he was feeling, he could deduce the type of sensation that was going through his body as girl sucked him, to his, he thought that she has had a good number of dick in his mouth to be able to suck this good not know that is he is the second dick that she is sucking her entire life.
  • "Sophie, I...I fuck!" he shouted as he emptied his loads inside her mouth and she swallowed all, he staggered a little before steadying his feet and looked down to Sophie in admiration and want, the craving in his eyes is not a day of sex craving, but a look of possessiveness, to own the pretty lady in his presence, he then and there decided that no matter how rich, wealthy or powerful her boyfriend might be, he is ready to fight him for the gem in front of him, with the thoughts, desires and pleasure, he got hard again when he pulled out from Sophie's mouth, he stood her up and kissed her hard and dominantly tasting himself in her mouth, they pulled off and he carried her and sat on the sofa, he placed her on his laps and dived back inside her cunt again with his fingers but now four as Sophie is now oozing with squirts and squirming at any slightest touch, he fingered and fucked her fast and steady thrusting in and out of her with his fingers hard and constant "Mmmmmmggghh oh god" She moaned closing her eyes and clutched on Kane's body, he increased his finger fucking, the lewd sound that was coming out from Sophie's hole from the cause of the on-slut made Kane more aroused, his cock jerking up and down.