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Chapter 3 Wonderful view

  • (Third Person POV)
  • "Why?" She asked looking confused and he chuckled "Because if you continue, I can't guarantee that you will be going home anytime soon." he said and she blushed when she got what he was saying.
  • "Um sorry, I guess I should be going then" she said and turn to leave "If you want to help me next time search the website that I would sent to you soon and learn everything you can, next time it will be more easier" he said and she nodded and left.
  • "Fuck, she is so sexy and beautiful, I wonder why a pretty girl like her was deprived of such a must learn knowledge, but it's not too later rather it's the beginning because I will teach her all that she would need to learn about it and even teach her more than some pornstars know" Richard said as he palmed his hard nine inch cock "Fuck, I hope she would learn more than I expected because she is a good learner" he said and close his eyes and start pumping himself "Mmmmhhh..." he increased his pase whilst thinking of Sophie's big and plump ass, her slim waist that is so conformatble to hold and whilst fucking her still tight and sweet pussy, her horny self that can cum many times without feeling tired "Fuck!" he shouted and released his unending loads of cums "I can't remember haven cummed like this in a while" he said and wore his muscle fitting pants without any boxer and slumped on his office desk to arrange files and prepare to go "Sophie..., such a pretty and innocent girl" he mumbled as he picked up his phone and forwarded the website that he told Sophie about.
  • Outside the University, Sophie is making her way to her expensive car as graceful as she always walks but this time, she looked like a satisfied mess that have discovered an important adventure in her life, she was smiling at herself whilst walking, as she entered her car, a message popped in her phone and she checked it "It's from Richard..." she mumbled excitedly and clicked at the website, when it opened she started many naked man and female sex videos appeared in front of her phone with different styles and position, she smiled and clicked on the first one and a girl was moaning as a guy was ramming into her pussy hard and fast, the force ramming made the girl to be moving up and down on the table in which she is being fucked, the next video was a girl on her knees whilst giving a guy blowjob, Sophie's sole attention was directed to the girl, she captured the girls movement, how she kiss, tease and swirled the cock with her tongue whilst deep throating and gagging the guy once a while and the guy moaning and groaning whilst holding the girls head and pushing her more deeper and shouting when the pleasure rockets, when the video ended she checked out the next one.
  • On the next, the girl was alone and pleasuring herself, she massaged her two breasts and pinched her nipples whilst moaning, she trailed her hand down to waist and hips, rubbing and tracing them sexily whilst squirming, when she reached her pussy she was already squirting so she sticks two of her left hand finger inside her cunt fucking herself and her right hand on her breasts rubbing and massaging all over whilst she moaned and squirts more, she added another finger, fucking herself now more faster and moaning nonstop and the next moment she started cumming uncontrollably and Sophie captured all the show as she swallowed and shivered with want at the video.
  • She started feeling arousal due to what she is watching, and then she remembered what Richard told her on how to soothe the feelings whenever the feeling starts and she is alone in addition with what the girl just tought her.
  • She adjusted in her car seat and rolled up her car windows, she pushed her skirt upward and started rubbing her clit with her three middle fingers and was enjoying the sensation "Mmmm, so good" she moaned and rubbed more, she sticks one finger inside her cunt and moaned out whilst rolling her eyes at the back of her head "Oh my", as she rub her cunt, it started making sounds of water and she smiled whilst swallowing and adding another finger "Oh god...Fuck" she shouted pumping her cunt and cummed after a while.
  • She slumped on her seat headrest and rested before getting back from her wonderland and driving home her skirt still up on her stomach leaving her pretty pussy exposed.
  • She reached her student building where she is living outside the school and parked her car, she stretched her back to the backseat to get her books and just then the new student drive in to park his car next to hers, his eyes trailed to the expensive car next to his and just then, the female driving the cars two legs moved up revealing her naked cunt as she forced herself to reach her car backseat to get something.
  • The guy watch in bewilderment unable to remove his gaze at the beautiful view in front of him, the pussy were wet and squirting and its view was irresistible and inviting "Holy shit.." he mumbled in between breaths and licked his lips, his lower self began to respond at an alarming speed making him to groan because he is not yet ready but his cock said otherwise.
  • As the wonderful view was still up and his eyes unable to avert, a trail of cum rolled down from her pussy and she clenched her cunt making it look like it was craving for a dick "No, I can't just sit here" the handsome male opened his car door and stepped out, he went to the girls passenger seat and knocked, the girl rolled down the glass and saw the muscled new student that she was staring at earlier during the class looking at her, eyes hooded as he seems to stare elsewhere.