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Chapter 7 Sexily beautiful

  • "Oh god..." Sophie moaned clenching her cunt and squirming, Kane still fucking her and the pleasure now spreading all over her body, she cummed and hugged Kane tightly "Fuuuck..." she shouted and emptied herself, she slumped on Kane's body panting and gathering her breaths, Kane kissed her and carried her to her bathroom, they both entered nakedly and Kane rolled on the shower and started washing Sophie sexily, he poured the soap in his hand rubbed her two breasts massaging and washing of course, she gasped and closed her eyes leaving her self to Kane.
  • The hunk of a man moved his callous hand down to her belly and swirled around and went up again, he use his other hand to push Sophie ass to press against his hard on rubbing him and he started pressing his hard on against Sophie's ass, he moved his hand down and rubbed her clit making her to moan and jerk her head back, he slowly parted her two legs and moved his hand in between rubbing and brushing her pussy down to her ass and up again teasing her, when he washed her legs, he stood up and took her into another kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth, his connected with hers and the loose themselves to their pleasure, after the bath, he cleaned them both and carried Sophie to her bedroom and placed her there covering her and pecked her cheek before going out, he wore his clothes and went out to meet with Aiden.
  • The next morning Sophie woke up feeling alive and fresh, she stood up from her bed and her stomach growled telling her of her missed breakfast yesterday, she stood up and did her morning excercises and routine before going to her kitchen to make herself some breakfast.
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