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Chapter 8 Marrying Into The Langford Family 8

  • “I was just too engrossed in reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice last night and slept in this morning. I'm sorry for that, Mrs. Langford.”
  • Willow nodded in admiration. “It's a great book. By the way, your father told me you're an art major?”
  • Veronica nodded. “Yes, I'm majoring in acting. I hope I can finish my studies even after I get married. I know it's a complicated occupation, but I really like acting.”
  • Suddenly, a commotion sounded at the door. It was Violet who was hollering, “Dad, Mom! I'm back!”
  • As Willow seemed surprised, Hilary immediately made the introductions. “This is my youngest daughter, Violet. She's a lively, active girl, unlike Veronica, who's mild-mannered and sophisticated.”
  • “Ah, such is youth,” said Willow as she stood up. “I've delivered the betrothal gift. Tomorrow morning, we'll send a car to pick Veronica up so she can visit Nathaniel. After all, they are getting married. She should meet her future husband and appease her worries.”
  • “Thank you, Mrs. Langford,” Veronica responded. After flashing a smile, Willow spun on her heels and left.
  • Once Willow's car disappeared from sight, Violet snickered rudely. “Wow, I can't believe you're about to marry into the Langford family that swiftly. I've only been gone for like half a day!”
  • That got Veronica amused. She turned at her shoulder to ask, “Why? If you want to marry into the Langford family, you can take my place.”
  • Violet wasn't at all mad by her sister's words, for she was in a good mood after her date with Seth.
  • As Violet imagined Veronica marrying a vegetable, her lips curved into a smirk. “Nah. I'll leave that to you since I have someone I love. Once I'm eighteen, we'll get engaged!”
  • “Really? Congratulations in advance, then.”
  • “Indeed, you should congratulate me, Veronica. After all, you know who my future husband is,” Violet announced. She paused briefly before declaring, “He's none other than Seth Lowry!”
  • “Oh, from the distinguished Lowry family? You have my blessings.” Veronica was unfazed.
  • “Aren't you upset, Veronica?” Violet came over to Veronica and uttered coolly, “I know that you've been dating him for almost two years.”
  • A searing pain ripped through Veronica's chest.
  • Nevertheless, she stuck her chin up arrogantly. “Is that so? I still need to salute you, though. After all, it isn't easy to pick up something discarded by someone else.”
  • “Hey!”
  • Enraged, Violet raised her arm to give Veronica a slap. However, before she could do so, a stern voice sounded out behind her. “Violet, what are you doing?”