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Chapter 5 Marrying Into The Langford Family 5

  • Veronica stumbled out of the hotel and plopped down at the entrance. Glancing around, she noticed a few couples holding hands and whispering sweet nothings to each other. Her heart was a mess at the moment.
  • Seth was her boyfriend. They had been seeing each other secretly for almost two years, and the next month would be their two-year anniversary. Thus, she couldn't fathom why he was with Violet.
  • “What should I do?” Veronica buried her head between her knees as tears welled up in her eyes.
  • Even though she didn't really like her sister, Seth was indeed her boyfriend. He was also a prominent figure in Coldbridge. If she were to kick up a fuss, it would be over between them.
  • She couldn't bring herself to do that.
  • Meanwhile, a black luxurious car was parked on the opposite side of the street. No one could see through the tinted windows. “Is that Veronica Saville?” a man's voice sounded inside the car.
  • Another voice answered, “Yes, that's Ms. Veronica Saville from the Saville family.”
  • “She'll do.” The man's reply was curt.
  • “Don't you want to read her file first?” The other voice was clearly surprised.
  • “No need. She'll do.”
  • “Understood.” After taking one last glance at Veronica, the window rolled up before the car sped away.
  • When Veronica finally returned home, it was already seven at night.
  • Upon spotting her, Richard got up from the couch. “Veronica, where have you been? You didn't answer your phone.”
  • Veronica's lips twitched, and she forced herself to get back to her senses. “I'm sorry, Dad. I went hiking with my friends this afternoon. The line must be bad, and I fell asleep on the way back. That was why I didn't hear my phone ringing.”
  • It was a lie, so Veronica lowered her gaze hastily after saying that.
  • “Veronica, let me introduce you to someone.” Richard took her hand and led her to an old lady. Veronica belatedly realized that besides Hilary, an old lady, a middle-aged couple, and the lawyer who came during the day were all waiting in the living room.
  • She had a bad hunch about what was about to happen.
  • “This is Madam Mathilda Periwink, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Langford from Langford Group,” Richard announced.
  • “Hello, everyone,” Veronica gave them a polite nod as she wrung her hands nervously.
  • Why is the Langford family here? Could it be...
  • Before Veronica could gather her thoughts, Mathilda gave her a warm smile. “Veronica, come here so I can take a good look at you.”
  • “Huh?” Veronica blurted in surprise. She obliged and came to a stop in front of Mathilda under Richard's smiling gaze.
  • Mathilda sized her up and nodded in satisfaction. She turned to Franklin Langford and said, “Veronica's a good girl. Look at how pretty and obedient she is.”
  • Franklin's lips curled into a smile as he replied, “Indeed. I'm glad that you like her.”
  • Veronica's heart sank in trepidation. She turned to Richard, but before she could speak, Hilary chimed in, “Madam Mathilda, Veronica has always been an obedient child. She never even had a boyfriend!”
  • “Oh?” Mathilda gave Veronica's hand a gentle pat and inclined her head. “That's great. It's settled, then.”
  • “Settled? What are you referring to?” Veronica blurted out.